Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Garbage Day (Again)
Well today was garbage day and recycling day so the truck came by and picked up the pile of cardboard boxes that had been sitting on my neighbours lawn since last Wednesday. As I predicted they didn't take the three plastic garbage bags full of yard waste. The city garbage men put one of the yellow stickers that read "sorry we don't pick up compostable yard waste unless its in a paper bag or reusable container". Too bad my neighbour won't bother reading it, in fact I'm not convinced he can read anyway. That may explain why he didn't understand all the letters sent to him even when they were in 7 different languages. My neighbour threw out alot of stuff this week, he must be doing some redecorating. Along with the regular garbage were some old drawers (but no sign of the dresser), a smelly old area rug, and a big wicker laundry basket with some unidentified stains. There was also an old PC with a label on the front that said "486SX".

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