Thursday, May 05, 2005

I recently received an email from a British TV producer, looking for residents of the UK who have stories about bad neighbours. I know a few people from the UK have sent me stories, so you guys make sure to contact Lucy at and make sure to tell her that I sent you.

A copy of her email...

Dear Calvin,

I was very interested to see your web blog about your neighbour. I am currently researching a series in the UK about people who are having any difficulty with their neighbours and hoping to offer some help for their situation. It wasn't clear from your site whether any of your contributors are from the UK. If you do have any UK contributors, I would like to ask them if they would be interested in being part of a documentary series that I am developing.Could you let me know what you think and then maybe if you do have some UK contributors, I could post a message on the site or forward some information about the series to them?With many thanks and best wishes,

Lucy Morgan
Assistant Producer

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