Friday, May 27, 2005

Stacey writes...

I found your blog by typing in a google search of "I hate my loud neighbors". I'm happy I found a place to vent!!I live in a three-story apartment building. Recently, new neighbors have moved in upstairs.The first thing they did was redo the wood floors. They had some kind of grinding/sanding machine that they used for hours every day for about 5 days straight. I work late nights and I need to nap before my shift. Ha! Not that week! Then, when they were finally done, the woman who lives up there vaccumed and cleaned and unpacked for a week straight. I thought it would be over then, but no, they are always loud. She tramps around in clogs, banging and clomping for hours everyday. I don't know if she's fat or she just walks like an idiot, but she NEVER sits down and she sounds like a giant or a gorilla walking around in those clogs all day. Who wears clogs all day in the house? WHO walks like that??And she must also be deaf, because the tv is so loud, I can hear it. It sounds like a soap opera theme song playing on repeat.She never walks up the stairs to get to her apartment- she runs. She must bounce up and down at least 4 inches on every step. My walls rattle. I don't know what she's banging up there, but I can hear it everyday, and when she's not banging around household objects and furniture, she's loudly banging her boyfriend. I don't want to hear her moaning. It disgusts me. I wonder if she wears her clogs then, too.When they're not banging, they're arguing- at times like 7 am and 2 am...They listen to r&b and they must think the whole world loves it, too, because they BLAST it. Between her clunky, loud clog footsteps all day, the soap opera violins, the arguments, bed creaking, moaning and banging noises, I feel like I'll go INSANE. Sometimes I say out loud "bitch, just sit down!! Don't you ever sit down? Don't you want to watch T.V. right now? Do you EVER go out???AAAAAHHHHHH.Thanks for letting me vent :)

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