Thursday, September 21, 2006

Henrik writes:

In desperate need to let off some steam I found this site! I'm renting an apartment and the owner lives in Egypt, so I have to deal with annoying neighbours myself.

At first my boyfriend and I thought we had a family living upstairs, since we heard a lot of noise from children, a hyperactive cat running about, and someone snoring so loudly we could hear it clearly. Accepting that we are young people and might be a bit noisy in the weekend we let it pass by, after all people are allowed to have kids and they do make some sound.

I was suprised to realize the upstairs neighbour was a single woman in her 60's. Apparantly the grandchildren come around a lot. We ask her politely if she could keep her visitors quiet after 11pm since we have to get up early for our studies and work. It didn't help.

Then she started having her son renovate the kitchen it was quite nice, because she moved in with her son while he was doing the work for her. Unfortunately we have gotten involved. The idiot managed to work his way all the way down through the floor leaving a gigantic hole in our walk-in closet / storage room.

I noticed next day, since I didn't came home until late the night before. I found a note with a number saying to call and wondered why there was rubble everywhere. I looked up and noticed the hole. I called the number and was told "Oh, by the way I made a hole in your ceiling. I'll fix it when I get around." The son said it would take one or two weeks, but apparantly gotdistracted and it was still unfinished three weeks later.

I wrote a complaint, trying to be pleasant, that our ceiling still wasn't fixed. She told us they would get working and call an electrician to fix the light which they had ruined while working on the ceiling. The ceiling was finaly being finished, but nothing happened with the electricity. I wrote another letter, since a month had passed by now. She replied that everything has worked out fine and that we're a pair of sour pots.

So basicly 2 and a half months of waiting for a hole in the ceiling tobe repaired, that should never have been our problem to start with and our wardrobe in heaps in the living room. I've just called my friend who is an electrician and talked him in to do a bit of work for me.

I think I'l have a very loud party soon...

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