Monday, March 12, 2007

Cyndi writes:

I have 2 large dogs. One of which the neighbors would call over to their yard and feed steaks etc. When the house (at that time we were renting) was for sale, they offered to keep him if we couldn't take him. (Sounds great so far)

Well suddenly they decided that the dog has to stay out of their yard (no fence). Then as the dogs had to be tied, she would come over and complain that it is cruel they are tied. She would also bring them food like they were starving, but they already had a full dish. (I wonder if they are now upset because you wouldn't give them your dog?)

When they find shit in their yard (lots of neighborhood dogs roam free and even poop in our yard) they would call us to come over and clean it up. Then they even put shit in a box and put it on our front porch with writing on the box that said they would call the health department and police. (That makes no sense. They know your dog is tied up because they complain about it. WTF? I suggest the old "flaming bag" trick next time they do this. Take the poop, put it in a paper shopping bag. Leave the bag on their front step, light the bag on fire, ring the doorbell, and run! When they open the door the first instinct will be to stomp out the flames.)

I've told her to stay out of my f*#&ing yard many times and even today there was an confrontation. I told them again to stay out of my yard and slammed the door in their face twice. Then they found it nessessary to add some firewood to our firewood pile?? (This must be their way of making up for being assholes?)

I've looked briefly on the net for "things to do to piss off your neighbor" (where i found your blog) but they are just goofy pranks. I just detest these brain dead folks. My hubby did overhear her call to another neighber one day as his dog shat on the bushes near her driveway "Bert, we need to talk...." She proceeded to tell him his dog craps in her yard and the dear old man looked at her and said.." Yeah, dogs do that!"

As funny as it is that the old man replied with that it is still rude. I own a rather large dog myself and I always make sure to pick up after him no matter what. I found that folks in small towns are far less likely to pick up after their dog then in the big city (which makes sense when you think about it) but either way I think it is just plain rude.

Now I am lucky that my specific situation at my current house is a bit different. Neither my neighbour or I have a fence. He has a dog even bigger and stinkier then mine. For some reason my dog shits in his backyard and his dog shits in mine. We are not sure why but thats just what happens. No fights here however, we both laugh about it all the time. I try to "de-poop" my yard about once a month, a bit less in winter when everything is covered with snow. Right now is perfect weather. The snow here has melted but it still is slightly below freezing... easy to pick up. It is key to get the yard cleaned up before the spring thaw when everything is soggy and muddy and a real mess.

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Janie said...

3 words to the person who left comment about annoying neighbor. GET A FENCE, or ask landlord to get one ( that probably won't happen). We put up our fence before we got the dog. or there would be hell to pay.......