Friday, March 09, 2007

I just realized that when I changed the template recently I lost the info on how you can send me your story for publishing. Nothing fancy, just email me at and I'll post it up.

Being a good neighbour isn't always about the folks next door. If you work in a modern office environment (cubicle farm) like I do being a good neighbour takes on a whole different meaning.

Anybody have a "farter" in the cube next door? Or someone who listens to one of those horrid 'easy listening' radio stations? How about the girl with her entire cube plastered with photos of her slimy looking boyfriend and post-it notes with hand drawn hearts and stars in multi-colored marker?

Someone who picks their nose when they think nobody is watching?

The guy who reaches into his pants and scratches his sack under the desk?

The 'snacker' who has a desk covered with crumbs, coffee stains, and the remains of unknown sticky substances?

The guy who never covers his mouth when he sneezes and you swear you can see snot splatter patterns on the cube wall?

The fat, smelly guy who has a chair that has permanent 'butt marks'?

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xoggoth said...

There is a chap with the most annoying sneeze at work, however nothing that could not be fixed with a large metal baseball bat.