Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Snark writes:

I was so relieved to find your blog on hating neighbors, because I hate the ones that live next to me. Here's the story:

I moved here two years ago, it is an old neighborhood and my house was built in 1930. As you can imagine, it was in severe disrepair and in need of paint, total rehab inside and out plus modern conveniences such as plumbing lines and new electrical. The neighborhood is great, at least I thought it was before I moved here, and there are people that come thru on weekends househunting like crazy. I have had several inquiries about selling my house, but with all the work that I did I am way in debt and cant sell it for enough to recover the cost of repairs.

The neighbours have come into my home uninvited and given themselves a tour, parked in my parking area and refused to move while leaving the front of their home free of vehicles. They have told their guests to park in front of my driveway instead of around the corner on the side street and been generally rude, inconsiderate and unpleasant. They try to tell me what color to paint the house, what plants to use in landscaping, seriously nagging on small stuff. I thought they were jealous of something, but I couldn't figure out what. Things got worse from the time we couldn't come to an agreement that they shouldn't park in front of my house. Apparently the old lady (now dead) that lived here before me didn't drive told them it was ok. She is dead, I'm here. There is a new sheriff in town and everything changes.

In a nutshell, my neighbors filed for divorce, dragged the whole neighborhood into it, like "pick a side" and then decided that everyone else was the problem. These two should work it out because they totally deserve their psycho selves. They are a middle age (43-45?) couple with a tween (11-13?) daughter and two other teenage girls (19-21?) that they took in to live with them plus an idiot dog that constantly shits on my lawn. Both are educators and I don't know how or why they took these two former students in, but they did. These girls are part of the problem as well as the family in general.

The big story is that I saw the hubby kiss the eldest teen girl in the driveway in front of god and everyone. Not a hello kiss, but an open-mouth kiss. Then the wife comes over and tells my old man that her hubby filed for divorce and had her served on her birthday. Nice guy. So after she tells me that her old man left her, I told her what I saw. She tells me that the teen girl has been knocked up 3 times so far and has no idea who could be impregnating the girl. Whatever, I leave it to her to put that together. She claims to be trained as a human lie detector, but insists on asking her husband if it was true or not. Of course he denies it as does the young girl that he was making out with.

Now I am the enemy. Great! I knew I shouldn't have said anything, because they would come together to turn on me, but when she was pressing me for any suspicious activity, I screwed up and told her the truth. Naturally he denies it and comes up to me, threatening to sue me for ruining his marriage (but he had already filed for divorce and moved out at that point) and demanding an apology. I didnt give him any apology. He filed for divorce and was mad that his wife found out why he left her to screw the chick living in the guest house? Whatever. He ordered me off the property (their driveway and my lawn are connected) but wouldn't let me leave. I finally go home and realize that it was a total set up, that she came out and started talking to me and kept up the conversation until Mr. Wonderful could come home and go off on me.

So weeks turn into months and this creep is no where to be seen. Two weeks ago he comes up to my old man who was mowing our grass and tells him they need to "talk" because he is moving back home, but my old man tells him to pound it. I was so proud! He got to say what I didn't get to say when that jerk threatened and went off on me. So now, we act like we don't see each other, except when the husband tries to stare me down, that is so funny I cant help but bust out in laughter. But I feel so uncomfortable about all that happened and wish I could undo it. I apologized to her but I wont even talk with him. If I say anything it will probably make him cry as I am that angry. I am hoping that they will move soon, to get away from the "glare" of the neighborhood knowing their business because as social climbers, they cant really advance any further now that everyone knows their dirty secrets. Yet in the event that they don't I have already started house hunting and will dump this place when the market ticks upward.

Moral to the story: before you buy, investigate the neighborhood. Park your car on the street for a few minutes (15-20) at various times of day and you can get a real feel of what is happening and decide if you want to live in those surroundings or not.

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