Monday, January 14, 2008

Dan writes:

I've got a neighbor who lives down the street who drives a piece of crap Tercel. He installed a stereo system that must be worth thousands of dollars and takes up the entire back seat and the trunk. I always know when he is coming home or going out somewhere because I can hear the car from several blocks away. He must be totally deaf by now with the music so loud all the time.

Ca1v1n replies:

I can relate. There is somebody who lives down the street from me who drives a pickup truck that I can hear coming from a mile away. He also has a tendency to fail to stop at the corner right in front of my house, and when it is late at night he is especially fond of throwing in a little tire squeal just to let us know how cool he is.

One thing that makes me smile to myself... a reflection on how things change but stay the same...

When I was a kid, when some 20-something idiot wanted everyone to think they were 'cool' they drove a souped up Trans-Am and blasted heavy metal out the windows. Now they drive souped up 4-banger rice burners blasting house music out the windows.

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