Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I've stumbled across a video game franchise entitled Neighbours From Hell and Neighbours From Hell 2 - On Vacation which is put out by JoWood Games and available for XBOX, GameCube, and PC. It is by no means new and was released about 3 years ago, but still might be worth a laugh, especially if you can find it in the bargain bin or your favourite P2P network.

FYI... The Stupid Neighbour Blog does not condone or support software piracy. If you download via P2P and enjoy the game I strongly encourage you to purchase or at the very least donate to the publisher. I remember many years ago when Bam Margera was starting to become a bit of a celebrity with his Camp Kill Yourself videos (the inspiration for MTV's Jackass). A friend of mine had downloaded them and enjoyed them so much that he wanted to support Bam but didn't feel like going out and actually buying the videos since he already had the downloaded copy. So he just mailed $20 to Bam's home address along with a 'Thank You' note.

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