Thursday, January 17, 2008


Ever have a neighbour throw a crazy party? Just be happy you don't live next to Australia's Most Famous Party-Boy Corey Worthington. Corey was originally just planning on having "a few mates" over one night when is parents were out of town. Then he had the bright idea of posting the party on his MySpace page. Next thing you know 500 people show up at his house, and the party spills out into the yard and down the street. When angry neighbours phoned the cops things just got worse as the crowd of drunk teenagers went on a destructive rampage that had the police in full retreat... until they called in helicopter gunships and attack dogs.

Corey has managed to turn himself into a minor celebrity and while does claim to be sorry for throwing a party that got out of hand he is pretty insistent that you can't blame him for the actions of others (vandalism, fighting with the cops, etc.). What is really pissing off the old and boring is his attitude about the whole thing... you would think he is a teenager or something.

Corey did a few interviews and this bimbo reporter gets so upset that Corey is apparently not being sincere enough for her. Who would of thought that a teenager could be insincere? These people must all be living on another planet or something.

Funny Kid Isnt Sorry About Huge Party - Watch more free videos

First we heard that the cops were going to fine him $20,000 but it begs the question, why didn't the cops arrest those who were engaged in the vandalism when it was occurring? Just how pathetic and useless are Australian cops anyway?

Instead of a radio call that there were "500 teenagers having a party" perhaps they should have been told that illegal immigrants or anti-war protesters were running loose. Cops never seem to have trouble arresting large crowds of people who are actually protesting against something that could undermine the authority of our corporate masters.

Now today we find out the cops have decided to charge Corey with 'production of child pornography' because he was taking photos of some of the teenage girls at the party playing naked twister. This is just stupid. Child pornography is a serious crime, and charging Corey Worthington with this based on what occurred at his party does a disservice to the thousands of innocent children who are victimized by it every year. This only proves how stupid and out to lunch the Australian police are.

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Anonymous said...

G'day from Melbourne Australia.
I agree with your comments , it was an over reaction on the cops side. and the porn charge is just way over the top.
This is getting a bit of use downunder !!!