Friday, January 18, 2008


Loud parties may be an inconvenience but just thank the lord above that you don't live anywhere near Ronnie A. Ballard. The turd pictured at left was arrested and charged with defacating inside unattended washing machines and shoes left in the hallways of his apartment building. Ronnie is currently in jail on $1400 bail and has been ordered by the court to "only defecate in toilets". Can you imagine how the Judge felt when he was writing that one out?

Seeing this story reminded me of my old neighbour in Toronto who used to encourage his children to urinate in their backyard instead of using the indoor plumbing. I guess he was trying to save on his water bill or something.

Which leads me to a task I performed today. Earlier this week it was above freezing and all the snow has melted. Then came two solid days of below zero temperatures, which made today the perfect day to clear my yard of dog poop. During the summer I try to clean up after my dog almost immediately, but during the winter I get lazy. Most of the time I just open the back door, let the old guy out, and then let him back in the house when he barks.

So today was the day and I cleaned up two months worth of dog shit from my backyard. I literally filled a plastic grocery bag to overflowing. When I was done my hands were half-frozen and I think I had frostbite but this is the best weather for picking up dog shit. No smell, easy to handle, and nothing gets left behind.

Believe it or not I stumbled across a product that allows you to get this winter convenience any time of the year. This could be one of the greatest possible inventions for a dog owner. "Poop Freeze" is an aerosol based instant freeze spray. One quick shot with this and your dog's poop is frozen solid and ready for easy pick-up and disposal.

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