Sunday, March 16, 2008


A resident of San Joaquin County in California has been charged with a felony for trimming his neighbours trees. Rudy Duhaylungsod admits he should have contacted local bylaw inforcement officers instead of taking things into his own hands, and knows that cutting the trees himself was the wrong thing to do, but does it really make sense to charge the many with a felony? His weak minded neighbour is claiming to be horribly traumatized and unable to look out her windows at the bloody (err, I mean sappy) remains of her hedge. Apparently there are no unsolved major crimes in the area that police and state prosecutors should be investigating.

A 38-year old Georgia man has been found guilty of murder after beating a 54-year old neighbour unconscious and then holding him under water until he was dead. Was he defending himself or his family from a dangerous attacker? Not at all. An argument escalated out of control when the older man confronted the younger for allowing is Labrador Retriever to swim in the condominium pool.

In local news, my wife was given a ziploc bag of something called 'Amish Friendship Bread' just over a week ago. I mocked her every day about the bag of 'Voodoo Bread' that was growing on our countertop. What can I say? The thought of dairy products being left unrefrigerated for days at a time kind of grossed me out, despite knowing full well that this is a simple and age-old bread recipe that involves live yeast. On Saturday she got around to baking two loaves and making 4 more bags that tradition says she must now pass along to friends just like a chain letter.

The bread? Glorious! More of a cake then a bread to be honest, and damn tasty. To hell with baking cookies for your neighbour. Bring on the Friendship Bread! You will not be disappointed. Technically you are supposed to be given the "starter" as a gift. Something about how to make it being an "Amish secret" but there are plenty of places online that can get you started. So get yourself in gear and hand a few starter packages out to your neighbours today.

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