Saturday, March 08, 2008


Today the area where I live was hit with a major winter storm, hopefully the last one of the season. Something like 30 cm of snow was expected to fall today but looking out my window I think that estimate is at the low end of the scale. This was the kind of snowfall that you need to shovel in multiple shifts as it accumulates, otherwise come Monday morning you are not going anywhere. So praise to good neighbours because today just when I had reached the end of my front walk and (admittedly low) stamina along came a glorious sight. My neighbour and his snowblower. He completed the front and side path and then heading down the street to help finish off the sidewalk and two other neighbourhood driveways. My neighbour was fully clothed, I added this image just for a laugh. As I am typing this I notice he is working at another pass along my sidewalk. Even better some townie idiot is doing donuts on an ATV in front of my house. The snowmobiles should be coming along any minute.

A big neighbour story out of Vermont. The AP reports that the Vermont Supreme Court has awarded a man and his family $1.8 million to cover damage to trees and personal suffering caused by a neighbour dispute over the cutting down of a mature tree that was located directly on the property line. There are also some allegations the accused was not happy his new neighbours were not Christian. WWJD? Jesus sure wouldn't cut down trees, vandalize a birdfeeder, poison the family dog, and otherwise harrass a family.

In other news, an FBI Agent has been arrested and charged with animal cruelty after shooting a neighbours dog. Since the arrest another story has surfaced from a neighbour further down the street, apparently he shot their dog a few years ago.

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