Tuesday, April 15, 2008


It must be almost summer. How can I tell?

For starters the Stanley Cup Playoffs are in full effect. As a lifelong and die-hard Toronto Maple Leafs fan I am torn apart inside. Being a member of the Bud Club I can't possibly cheer for Montreal. I also can't cheer for the Ottawa Senators because their Daniel Alfredsson is a wimp and a cheap-shot artist. I can't even cheer for Calgary because the games are on too late in the evening. So I've decided to cheer for Pittsburgh. Go Crosby!

The second (and probably even more important) sign that summer is here? Today I saw a guy driving his riding lawnmower to the LCBO (thats the Ontario government run beer/liquor store to our visitors from the USA and Europe).

Can you tell I live in a small rural farming community? I know of a guy here in town who was recently been busted for drunk driving and had his license taken suspended for one year. Since he no longer can drive his car he drives his tractor to and from the liquor store. How many cops do you think are going to stop a farmer driving a tractor down the shoulder and ask to see his license and registration?

I have no stupid neighbour tales to post today, and I'm too tired to scour the vast tubes of the intraweb for an interesting neighbour story.


Anonymous said...

Dear Calvin

I wonder if we live in the same area just outside Ottawa? It's almost time for my neighbor to start mowing his lawn while holding his newborn baby. Yup. I am sure he has destroyed that poor baby's hearing by now.

Canadians breed a special sort of hockey redneck. Beware the rural communities a 45 minute drive outside the city. You're better off living in a true farming community than a suburb of a suburb of a suburb, as I am.

Ca1v1n said...

I live in SW Ontario, about 1/2 way between London and Windsor on the old #2 highway. Never seen anybody mow the lawn with their baby in arms, but we have many 'special' folks around here.