Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Last night on The Daily Show, John Stewart dared to question the mainstream media reporting of Israel as the "victim" who has been "forced" to act by Hamas "aggression" with regards to the current ground invasion of Gaza.

Today, he is under attack. The Comedy Central comment page is covered with Anti-Stewart rants, most likely written by folks who didn't even see the episode or are regular viewers. The usual suspects like FauxNews obviously are calling for his head on a silver platter.

Frankly, I didn't think he went far enough, but you can judge for yourself. Full episode available online via The Daily Show webpage, and the episode will also be repeated tonight and again on Saturday.

Lets get serious for a moment. Those Hamas rockets are nothing but toys. I built and fired off larger model rockets as 13 year old kid when I dreamed of growing up to become an astronaut and loved all things related to space. This was coincidentally in the years immediately following the release of that amazing 1983 film The Right Stuff.

I could walk down to the local Home Depot and build the same thing in an afternoon with plans found online. Despite shooting literally hundreds of them into Israel over the last two years they have killed a total of something like 4 people and I think 2 of them died from heart attacks. Israel has killed hundreds of Palestinian women and children over the past week, including the bombing of a school.

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