Sunday, January 04, 2009


It is now January 4th, and I am only getting around to my first post of the year tonight. Not that I did anything. I had the last 10 days off work and did NOTHING but grow a beard, drink lots of beer, and play hours and hours of FarCry 2.

Of course I am not including in the above spending lots of quality time with the family. My daughter got several board games (Scrabble, Monopoly, Operation, etc.) for Christmas so we have been playing. I also watched a few mediocre movies (Quantum of Solace), some really bad movies (The Last Legion) and a couple great movies (The Wackness, Religulous).

So the plan for this blog for 2009 is to expand a bit. I'm just going to write. Write about whatever is on my mind for the day, anything that happened, stupid work stuff, my family, the album I was listening to, the book I am reading, whatever. I'll still post any 'stupid neighbour' stories that land in my lap.

Sure I missed the first 3 days of 2009 but the plan is to post daily from this point for the rest of the year.

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xoggoth said...

Good idea, whitterings about this and that is what blogs are for.