Saturday, January 03, 2009

Pencil Pete writes:

Man! I don't know where to start. But, I think it's best to give you some background. We realized our dream in 1995 by moving from the hustle and bustle of city life to the country. We very carefully pick a town that was voted as one of the most comfortable, rural and affordable in eastern Connecticut. We are flanked by a small working farm and elderly living community, who never annoy us except for garbage days. Juxtaposed to our property is our neighbor from HELL.

He has been arrested for DWI more than twice, also for domestic abuse of his ex-wife and two other girlfriends, one of which he dragged across his driveway on her face. (May I mention she was employed at a battered women's shelter when the incident occurred.) His son was suspended from school for kicking a boy in the balls and telling his KINDERGARDEN teacher to "F&$#" off. He has flipped the family van into a ditch in front of the house and severed his ear when attempting to jump his ATV! He starved and mistreated his dog, which we saved and re-named Lucky. (So far this sounds like a bad Country & Western song - Ca1v1n)

He also has a line of cats that are not neutered and bring many offspring that either starve or are killed by cars. He shot his 500 lb. pig in the bucket of his tractor for all to see, while acuminating junk cars, trucks and machinery in his yard. (Last count: 2 diesel, 3 pick-up trucks and a van) I have witnessed him pour motor oil and anti-freeze into the ground and reported it all to the Town Hall with fear of our wells being contaminated and nothing was done about it.

("I beat my wife, crashed my van, and shot my big ol' pig... my yard is full of junk and filth and 2 ol' diesel rigs")

We love our little house in the country which we poured out heart and souls into it and don't want to move. However, when we did put it up for sale because of him, all comers were concerned about the unsightly neighbor with his menacing stares. Well, I would be the first person to say "live and let live" but, when someone's life style affects my home and way of living I have to say something. When I did, because all the other neighbors are too afraid, he threatened me with violence. Since this confrontation I have not approached him, but most recently I found out that the comings and goings of many strangers have been individuals with violent criminal records. Now I fear for my family with that element in the neighborhood.

This is about 25% of all that has happened with this guy and for the sake of time I will not bore you with all of it. But, I'm at my wits end. I don't want to do anything stupid and hope someone could give me some advice.

At my wits end,


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