Saturday, January 31, 2009


In the interest of wasting time on the Internets today. I can't remember what season this was from, but it starts out with Homer singing "Everybody in the USA, hates their stupid neighbour..."

Another cool time waster I discovered today is the site Passive-Aggressive Notes. Neighbour conflicts often results in notes or letters back and forth, and they have many very funny examples. It makes me want to write a note just so I can take a picture and upload it to the site.

I remember as a child living in California our neighbour from across the street used to mail my parents a letter every 2-3 months that always started with "Dear Neighbour" and went on to complain about the lack of general upkeep on our front garden/lawn. I should mention this was at the height of one of the biggest droughts the state had ever seen. It was forbidden to fill up backyard pools at this point (and thus skateboarding was changed forever) and at my school they were practically promoting that we not wash our hands after using the bathroom. Of course, the world could be ending, and this guy across the street would still make sure his sprinklers came on every day at 6am sharp and then washed and polished his Porsche in his driveway every night when returning from work.

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