Saturday, January 31, 2009


Performed a bit of a re-design today in an attempt to make the site look cleaner. Also removed most of the ads (that were not making any money anyway). Kept Google Adsense because I just like Google even though I'm not making any significant money off of them (unless you call around $1 a week significant). Going to try to work with the Amazon Affiliates program a bit, more because I think I can properly target ads that people may find useful (Home Improvement, Renovation, Real Estate, Gardening) instead of any attempt to actually make money.

No neighbour related post today (at least not yet). Rough week at work and I missed posting on Friday. On the way home I stopped to pick up some beer and then pretty much just passed out in front of the television. I'm a big fan of craft brews, and go out of my way to try something new most of the time. Also a big fan of English Ale or any beer with a strong taste/flavor. I could say I hate American beer but that oversimplifies it, because I hate most Canadian mainstream beer as well.

So anyway I found something that caught my eye on the shelf and have not tried it before, so I picked up a selection of brews from the Black Sheep Brewing Company out of Yorkshire. I picked up some bottles of their Monthy Python's Holy Grail Ale. The label that reads "Tempered over burning Witches" is what really caught my eye. Also picked up a couple bottles of the Black Sheep Ale, and the Riggwelter Ale. Enjoyed them all quite a bit and will purchase them again for sure.

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