Saturday, January 10, 2009


Today I went upstairs to wake my 2-year old daughter from her afternoon nap and opened the door to her room to a site that I can only describe as... well lets just say words fail to describe. You see, my daughter is very close to becoming potty trained. She is at the stage where she REALLY does not like being wet or dirty (so to speak). She is peeing in the toilet every day, the challenge right now is the pooping.

Like I said, she doesn't like being dirty, so when she does fill her diaper she has a tendancy to hide from her mother and I and then take off the poopy diaper. If the kid disappears suddenly we know we need to find her QUICK because depending on the liquidity of the poop, we could have a pretty big mess on our hands.

So that is what happened this afternoon. My daughter woke up from her nap, soiled herself, and decided to take the diaper off. Then she decided to paint the wall behind her crib with the contents of her diaper. The finished product was a bit like a Jackson Pollock, except not as colorful.

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