Friday, January 09, 2009


I've been sitting and starting at this blank screen for about an hour now, TV in the background, occassionally opening a new tab and logging into Facebook or checking out Digg. I'm completely at a loss to write anything tonight. One thing for sure I am damn glad it is Friday. Not that my weekends are truly weekends. Does anybody really have weekends anymore?

The Blackberry keeps me focused on the office and the job even when its not vibrating or beeping. I start twitching if I don't pick it up at regular intervals and check to see if I have an important email. If something is going wrong I can't just ignore the situation (or trust that those working will have the responsibility to handle) I need to get involved.

So my weekends seem less and less like weekends and more just like days I'm working from home. If I make a conscious attempt to ignore the Blackberry all that happens on Monday is I have more work to catch up on.

There are countless websites out there designed to help you balance the work and personal spheres of your life, achieve happiness, peace, etc. and I do read them on a regular basis. Actually implementing any of their suggestions? No yet but perhaps one day...

Two of my favourites are Think Simple Now and Dumb Little Man. I think I'll go read them now... if I am lucky I can focus on some of their tips for at least the next 48 hours.

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xoggoth said...

Yes Mr C, those of us who are retired have lots of real weekends. SNEER! SNEER! I do like a good SNEER.