Monday, November 16, 2009


When I first saw this headline I thought this would be just another case of a hunter at odds with his neighbours. Something similar to this post from back in March 2009. I was wrong.

Neighbours of Randy Good have complained about hundreds of dead deer that are littering his property. Now you would think Randy is one hell of a hunter but you would be wrong. Mr. Good's job is to dispose of deer that are hit by vehicles on the local county roads. Some recent problems with his vehicle have resulted in him being unable to make the trip to 'dispose of the bodies'.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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xoggoth said...

People actually do this as a living? I hit one once and the body was gone when I went past about 20 mins later. Usually, if you see a deer by the road it isn't there for very long.

I always assumed passers-by took them for a) venison or b) "other purposes" ahem.